35 Popular Medium Wavy Hair Styles For Any Length

1: Layered Heavy Side Bangs

Wavy shoulder-length hair with a heavy side-swept fringe is ideal for a street-style look, as well as vacation. Layers through the length create a feathery quality, while the massive bangs deliver a sexy look.
Medium Feathery Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

2: Straight Fringe and Wavy Locks

Sharp and choppy bangs add a lot of charm to any hairstyle, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best haircuts for big foreheads.
Medium Choppy Haircut for Big Foreheads

3: İnverted Wavy Bob

Go for a full-on inverted wavy bob to enhance your voluminous texture. Going with a little more emphasis on the inverted shape creates more volume through the back and width of the hair. The longer length also slims down the face, making this style great for balancing wider face shapes.
Medium İnverted Wavy Bob

4: Medium Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Medium brown hair with highlights is sexy all year long! If there’s one thing to love about this season, it’s this fall-inspired wavy medium length mane that’s painted fantastically medium-brown. The transition from dark to light, plus the honey balayage, make this one a real top-notch hairstyle.
Medium Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

5: Piecey Medium Shag for An Oval Face Shape

A shoulder-length shaggy layered haircut can be styled in multiple ways. Whether you’re styling straight, wavy, or curly, add in a texturizing spray when styling a shaggy cut for medium hair to get that extra grit.
Piecey Medium Shag for An Oval Face Shape

6: Imogen Poots Vintage Hairstyle

Hairstyle with Bangs
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7: Blunt Gray Lob

Wavy Lob
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8: Curled Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Wavy Bob Hairstyle
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9: Shaggy Bob for Thick Wavy Hair

Haircut Thick Wavy Hair
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10: Haircut for Thick Hair

Short Wavy Hair
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11: Long Wavy Hair Style

Natural Wavy Hair
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12: Haircut for Wavy Hair

Haircut for Thick Hair
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13: Haircut Thick Wavy Hair

Thick Wavy Haircut
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14: Frontal Hairstyle

Medium Bob Hairstyle
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15: Medium Layered Hairstyle for Wavy Hair Long Wavy Hair

Dark Hair
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16: Wavy Hairstyle Long Bob

Wavy Bob Long
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17: Wavy Haircut

Bob Haircut for Women
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18: Choppy Haircut for Thick Wavy Hair

Haircut Thick Wavy Hair
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19: Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Latest Hairstyle
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20: Neutral Blonde

Blonde Balayage Highlights
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21: Frizzy Wavy Hair

Wavy Curls
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22: Angled Wavy Lob Hairstyle Lob Curly Hair

Haircut Thick Wavy Hair
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23: Medium Choppy Hairstyle

Haircut for Wavy Hair
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24: Medium Wavy Bob

Short Wavy Bob
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25: Wavy Haircut

Wavy Bob Hairstyle
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26: Lob Hairstyle for Thick Wavy Hair

Brown Wavy Hair
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27: Wavy Shoulder Length Hair

Medium Length Wavy Hair
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28: Short Wavy Hair İs Trendy

Hair Cut for Medium Wavy Hair
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29: Haircut Thick Wavy Hair

Thick Wavy Haircut
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30: Brown Blonde Hair

Wavy Hair
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31: Black Girl Bob Hairstyle

Cute Black Bob Hairstyle
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32: Asymmetric Brunette Curls with Medium-Length Hair Wavy Hairstyle

Medium Wavy Layers
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33: Medium Shag Hairstyle

Haircut for Wavy Hair
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34: Wavy Hair

Cool Haircut
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35: Bangs with Medium Hair

Medium Hair Cut
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