25 Sleek Hairstyles for Medium Hair That You’ll Get Lots of Compliments

There’s no doubt that sleek hairstyles look professional ever since. 

If you got a medium haircut you’ve a bunch of cool options to style your hair and sleek hairstyles will do the trick and give your style an edge. 

You can try medium sleek updo,  sleek ponytail or sleeked back hairstyles, if you prefer classic look more often.

That’s why our takeover hairstyle for a classy and sophisticated look is sleek hairdos and you can never go wrong with them. 

Styling Tips : If you ever wanted to get that sleek look but didn’t get that smooth finish?

  • Use hair gel, hair wax in a good amount to amplify your hair with ease.  Also you can blow dry for natural appearance and flatiron is best for a smooth finish so you can have a perfect sleek hairstyle without any hassle. 

Take a tour to our best pick of medium sleek hairstyles ideas for a sophisticated and Professional vibe and steal the complements :-

1- Sleek Hairstyles for Medium Hair

We just can’t get enough of sleek hairstyle because they create professional look. It’s an easy to do timeless hair styling inspo.

Sleek Hairstyles For Medium Hair
Source: instagram.com/p/CAsDMPADHrD

2- Sexy Waves for Thick Hair

Wavy bob hairstyle with bangs are perfect for thick hair ladies because of its glossy texture and movement. It looks incredibly sassy in a dark jet black shade also give your skin a radiant glow and perfect framing. 

Sleek Medium Haircuts 2020
Source: instagram.com/p/CCHISmoB_hH

3- Bob A Line Haircut with Bangs

To give your long face a well defined feature go for a – line bob haircut with bangs. It will accentuate your overall look. Also it’s front a-line layers and bangs aren’t just cute they are super gorgeous. 

Sleek Medium Hairstyles
Source: instagram.com/p/BhjyxGAnt3s

4- Classic Bob Hairstyle

Classic bob hairstyles are versatile and most trendy. It’s a best example for an effortless chic look. Because being classy can never go wrong.

Sleek Haircut Styles For Medium Hair
Source: instagram.com/p/BjIKKfFgg_t

5- Voluminous Hairstyle

There’s no doubt shaggy hairstyles are perfect for voluminous hair so forget those flat hair and get a thicker voluminous look instantly. Add this hairdo hack to your style statement and flaunt your bright side without any worries. 

Sleek Haircuts For Medium Hair
Source: instagram.com/p/CCJivqADJ7i

6- Slicked Back Hairstyle for Women

Super Sleek Medium Haircuts

7- Middle Parted Hairstyle

Sleek Medium Haircuts
Source: instagram.com/p/CBJ2liEg1Ox

8- Black Hair for Brunettes

Sleek Medium Hair
Source: instagram.com/p/CBnw4R1jShj

9- Smooth Lob Haircut

Sleek Hairstyles For Medium Hair
Source: instagram.com/p/CBWCLcolNS4

10- Highlights On Brown Hair

Hairstyles For Sleek Medium Hair
Source: instagram.com/p/B_9zuHvHriI


Sleek Medium Hairstyles
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Sleek Medium Hairstyles 2020
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Sleek Medium Cuts
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Sleek Haircuts For Medium Hair
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Sleek Medium Haircuts 2020
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Sleek Haircut Styles For Medium Hair
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Sleek Medium Haircuts
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Sleek Haircuts For Medium Hair
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Sleek Hairstyles For Medium Hair
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Sleek Medium Hair
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Sleek Medium Hairstyles


Hairstyles For Sleek Medium Hair


Sleek Medium Haircuts


Sleek Haircuts For Medium Hair


Sleek Hairstyles For Medium Hair